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The Building Process


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Choosing the right Builder and Architect upfront in the new build process is a key collaboration. From the start you will want to be comfortable with your Builder and Architect as you will be working with them both throughout the build of your new home. It is also suggested that if you are going to consider using an Interior Designer to include their involvement at the beginning of the project.

  • Choose your Builder
  • Choose your Architect
  • Home site purchase - based on location and personal desired interior and exterior requirements
  • Choose your Interior Designer
  • Design your dream on paper with your Architect, Builder and Interior Designer
  • Pricing from completed plans to the bidding process, your Builder will distribute the plans to get competitive pricing from the best tradesmen in the construction industry.
  • Coordinate scheduling Design Review with your Builder and Home Owners Association
  • Coordinate scheduling Building Permits with your Builder
  • Construction begins; at this point you should be very comfortable and confident in your Builder to drive this stage of your dream home to completion while working with you and the other team professionals
  • Move – In Process: Builder and homeowner will perform a walk through, utility services are changed into your name, the Interior Designer moves in the furniture and the Certificate of Occupancy is released by the City
  • After Move-In, comes the very important Follow-Up. Having picked the right Builder means he will be there long after you move in to take care of your home maintenance


Here at Shiloh we believe your selection of the right Builder should be based not only on certain qualifications but as a good fit relationship-wise. One way of going about this, is for you to spend time with Keith Bolock as he tours you among the homes Shiloh has built. This helps for you to learn about his character and personality as well as him being able to see into your design preferences for your dream home. This is the start of our team building process with you as the main member. It is our goal to listen to your vision and bring it into reality.

While touring our homes, you can see into our portfolio of clients, learn about our honest and integral reputation in the building community. You can look inside our building processes to understand how we can contract with you, and what options are available. Building a luxury custom home takes a team of professionals, including the Shiloh Homes team of experts.

Builders Guideline Qualifications

  • Ask for references; interview with two or three of the referenced clients.
  • Tour 3-5 homes the Builder has built; is the Builder willing to spend time with you and answer your questions clearly? Are you comfortable with him and have a sense of trust with his expertise?
  • Is the quality of homes he built up to the standards for your home vision?
  • How did the Builder perform after completion of the home? Did he respond in a timely and courteous manner, meeting their requests after move – in?
  • Visit the Builder’s office, meet some of his staff.
  • Ask about the Builder’s processes for estimating, accounting and other record keeping. Is he willing to discuss these issues with you?
  • Spend time interviewing your Builder and getting to know him; capability with him is important as you will be working together throughout the build of your new home.


One of the most important qualities of a good Architect is that of being a good listener. He is the one who will put your dreams to paper, and you will want to be confident that your desires are heard and realized in his design. The right Architect will have many of the same qualities as the right builder. Review his qualifications by interviewing with his various previous clients. Find out if he was available through the construction and completion phases of the home. Evaluate how he bills his time on the job. Visit his office and staff. Find out what his services include. Are the mechanical drawings, the model or site survey included, or must they be contracted with someone else?


Involving your Interior Designer at the very beginning of the project can save you money and headaches. The Designer will help you determine or confirm your own choice of the finishes in your home that tie it all together. The overall design and style of your home will determine many of the selections you make such as tile, stone or hardwood floors. Your comfort level with the Interior Designer is very important. Get to know her through touring her previous work. Does she perceive your vision and what you want your dream home interior style to reflect?

As the client you are the most important part of the professional team. Therefore, you will want to choose your Builder, Architect, and Interior Designer based on your discovery and time spent with them during the interview process. If you have not built your team yet, please contact us, we would be glad to help you with the process.

Generally, the lot has been purchased by the time you are searching for a Builder. If not, the below guidelines can be of help in directing your lot search:

What are the Design Review Guidelines that go with the subdivision in which you are interested? What are their restrictions and processes?

Is there a building envelope that will determine where you can build on your lot and how large your home can be? Will you have enough room for the pool, the outdoor living room, the tennis court or any other amenity you have in mind?

  • Location – Is the location one that will add value to the lot in the future? What will be (or has been) developed in the area that can enhance or detract from the value of your future home? Is it conducive to the lifestyle that you envision (e.g.: golf course, lake, or hillside lot)?
  • Views – What views can be maximized from this lot? Will they remain after future development is completed? How can you incorporate them into the design of your home?
  • Tranquility – Is the lot located on or near major cross streets, airports or industry that may disturb you later?
  • Practicality – Do you have children that need to be close to schools and parks? Do you commute to work and need close proximity to freeways to make driving time shorter?
  • Contour of the lot – Do the washes or natural drainage passages impact the building of your home? If so, how can they be diverted or managed, and how much will it add to the cost of your home?
  • Home Owners Associations – How do the CC&R's and the Design Review Guidelines impact your lifestyle and the design of the home? Can you purchase more than one lot, and only build on one? What are the annual/monthly member’s fees if any?
  • Excavation – How much rock is below the ground? This can be the most costly part of your new build foundation.
  • Under Ground Water Level – Has this been tested, how high is the water level. Will it increase with rain? If you plan on having part of your home below ground could this become an issue?

Once your lot has been purchased, you are ready to embark on the creative process of putting your dreams to paper. This part of custom home building involves the delicate balance of what you want, what you need, and what your budget will allow. It is wise to manage all three aspects so that there are no unhappy surprises or last minute changes.

Your Builder and Architect will consult with you regularly to shape the design and the construction of the home. Your Interior Designer should be involved at this stage to give input as to the types of finishes and furniture arrangements that will work well in each room, and how they will tie together. It is during this phase that your home takes a shape and form on paper, details are outlined from the foundation to the size and shape of the kitchen sink. Your team should help you to not only design a home that is pleasing to you, but one that will appreciate in value based on the decisions you make.

Once the plans have been drawn and approved by both the city and the development you are building in, the job goes to bid. Only the best tradesmen are considered in the bidding process.

Your builder will manage this portion of the process for you by selecting the best qualified tradesmen with the best price. You and the Builder will work together on the contract form that suits the project best. The specifics and options should be detailed out clearly prior to ground breaking. This will encourage complete understanding of the costs and billing processes.

Be sure to understand the entire scope of the quoted price-what it covers and what it doesn't. Some builders will quote prices that do not reflect the total picture of all costs involved. It is far better to deal with costs at this stage than when the job is finished and you're presented with unexpected bills.

If necessary, Shiloh Homes offers in office discovery of comparison quotes to ensure completeness in the bidding.

At Shiloh Homes, we understand the importance of value and we work closely with you and our tradesmen to deliver quality, value and integrity in the pricing.

This is the beginning of the dream becoming a reality!

Your Builder should be driving the process at this stage, dealing with tradesmen, inspections, and the overall construction process. By the time this phase has begun, most of the difficult work for you is over. You've made the tough decisions; now it's time to enjoy watching your home take shape and become a reality.

Having chosen your team carefully the home building process will run smoothly. At Shiloh, our Project Managers make sure the quality of work provided by the various tradesmen involved meets our standards. The Shiloh Homes' office staff ensures the tradesmen are qualified, licensed and insured to work on the project. The Project Manager builds your home in stages all based off the completed sets of plans and design.

Construction of your new home is a truly exciting endeavor and we here at Shiloh work our hardest to make the process gratifying for you.

About 45 days before your move-in date, Shiloh Homes, will be compiling your warranty and product information file for you. Your utilities will be transferred in your name and your Interior Designer will be on hand to schedule the delivery of your new furniture.

The finishing touches are being completed and all appliances, audio video, lights and gadgets are tested to make sure they function properly.

Your final walk through will be conducted with your Builder. Have your list of questions handy so that you can note the proper operations of all the special features of your home.

At Shiloh, we know what it takes to make the transition from house to home and to make your move-in as stress free as possible.

After many months of work and anticipation, your dream home is a reality. This should be the most enjoyable part of your building experience!

Now that you are living in your dream home, you can learn how to take full advantage of all the state-of-the-art features from computerized lighting to the alarm system.

Your Shiloh Builder will be there to help and guide you through the honeymoon period of really getting to know your home, and be there to meet your needs as they occur.

At Shiloh, we realize that our relationship with you, our customer, does not end with the completion of your home. We work with you during this final stage to make sure that all aspects of your home function as they should and to see that your expectations are met. One of the hallmarks of Shiloh is our commitment to continuous, long term customer service and support.

Even three years later, every friendly visit becomes an inspection tour" to be sure that what was promised was delivered. When we built our home with Shiloh, we became a part of their family.
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Desert Mountain, Arizona

Even three years later, every friendly visit becomes an inspection tour" to be sure that what was promised was delivered. When we built our home with Shiloh, we became a part of their family."

Roger & Erika Greaves

What a delight it was to work along side such professionals. We are extremely pleased with the result: our Shiloh home! Since it was a perfect match and an enjoyable experience and a blending of creative thought, when we decided to plan a larger home, we did not hesitate to call Shiloh first.

Homeowners, Desert Mountain

After being in our dream home for a year, we could not be happier with it. The Shiloh team went beyond our expectations from the design process through maintaining our home for us when we are not there. The trust and professionalism is unsurpassed. We would not hesitate to recommend Shiloh to our friends and associates.

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